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Cinematography Pricing
Cinematography is much more complex than typical video production because it is much more creative, artistic, and interesting to watch. When investing in cinematography expect similar prices to professional photography. One of the main difference between us and the rest is that we actually rely heavily on Canon Cinema Line Cameras for your events. Just so you have an idea of what we haul around for your event Click Here. Investing in all aspects of your event is obviously a must, just keep in mind that the memories you invest in will undoubtedly last longer than all other investments you make.

Photography Pricing
Photography is one of our secondary specialties, if you ever need an event covered, let us know and we will definitely be flexible in this area since there is significantly less equipment to be used. Pricing will depend on location, hours, type of event, and final product requested.

What's our filming style?

Our filming style is mostly cinematic. Cinematic wedding films are not your typical 45-90 minute wedding documentary; they are usually around or right under 15 minutes in length and tell the story in a unique and creative way. Cinematic films are shorter, and break down the most important events from beginning to end. Documentary films are different in style, much longer, take equally as much time to put together but document the day as opposed to being short & sweet.

The Difference between the Styles for Wedding Packages
Anything titled "Cinematic" will be in the same style of our short 2-3 minute trailers on our site.

A Cinematic Highlight has the same style as the trailers shown on the site, but close to 3 times as long. roughly 7-8 minutes in length. We usually offer this option with packages that also include a longer documentary version.

The Documentary style is the traditional video you saw back in the 80's & 90's except that now it's HD,. Multiple angles are used as well, but the documentary style isn't as creative as the cinematic style, it documents the day as it happens.

What type of equipment do we use?
To see a list of our Gear Please Click Here

What's our storytelling approach when it comes to filming a wedding?
The experience that we've gained until now has allowed us to distinguish ourselves through our films and we expect more progress! The way we tell your story is by mixing up the events from start to finish, the final film might not be in exact order, but we'll craft your film in a way that makes you want to watch it over and over. We do our very best to incorporate a bit of everything in the final film, well talk with you to learn what aspects of the day are most important to you to have in mind when creating your film.

How do we coordinate with a wedding photographer?
We understand were all there to capture your special day so well usually give the photographer a heads up that were going to need to capture something/somebody from certain angles, just keep in mind, a cinematographers job is much more complex! We've always gotten along with photographers at weddings, communication is the key.

How many other weddings do we shoot on your wedding day or weekend?
We never book more than one wedding per day, only one per day, two per weekend when fully booked.

Who will be filming your wedding?
Josh & I (Christian) will be filming your event . We'll have an assistant with us as well.

What about our editing software, how does this process work?
To edit your videos we use Sony Vegas Pro, pumped with plugins such as NeatVideo, Twixtor Pro, Magic Bullets Suite, for noise video correction, color correction, and video frame manipulation. This process is very time consuming since we also have to synchronize every scene with the appropriate audio for that particular scene during key scenes. Each scene requires a certain amount of detail to be corrected, cleaned up and positioned to flow with the story of your video.

Will you have input for the final film?
We will work with you before the editing process to learn what you consider the key elements of your final film, but we want you to trust our creativity to unleash itself. Too much re-editing is counterproductive to our films' style. We want to be able to surprise you with the final product and make sure you're able to relive your day :)

How long is turn around time?
Complete Product Turn around time varies and is within 6-8 months, if your package comes with a trailer, or a highlight, you will receive that within 1-2 months, Full Ceremony videos are provided within 3-5 months. The Final Wedding film will always come last. Turn around depends on the time of the year your wedding/ event is. For Corporate Events, & commercials turn around time ranges within 1-3 months depending on length of project and workload during that specific time frame.

How bright of a light do we use?
We don't use external lights. Our cameras are low light sensitive.

How safe are your videos after the event?
Very safe! We are not only a team of cool cinematographers, but we back up our files to the cloud for extra security! We are continuously backing up 3-6 TB's (3,000-6,000 GB's) all the time.

Will a backup camera be on hand for the event?
We always go to events with 3 cameras, and have them ready at all times. We've never had an issue with this set up.

Currently we accept PayPal payments and Checks. We do prefer PayPal just because it makes it easier for us, I personally use it more than I write checks. We will be accepting Check/Debit Card Payments for FREE as well using Venmo, this is a step up for us as well! We understand that investing requires time, because of this we structure the payments for our customers down to 10 payments of 10% to make it feel like less of a burden. As far as reserving the date, nothing is ever final or considered reserved until we have both the signed agreement, and the first deposit.